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Annual ADA Certification Health Check-Up


As part of our ADA Certification Health Check-Up program, building and facility owners are required to actively participate in keeping their certifications current. Owner's, or their authorized agents, must complete a Annual ADA Certification Health Check-Up form before the end of each anniversary after the Date of Issuance of the Certificate. This has a tremendously positive benefit by ensuring that Owners stay on top of their obligations to maintain an accessible environment and to abide by the conditions stated in of the Warranty of Certification.


Annual ADA Certification Health Check-Up form

This form must be returned to USBS by the Owner of a property for which a Certificate of ADA Compliance has been issued within the time period described below:



Before the end of each anniversary after the Date of Issuance of the certificate, and for the duration of the certificate (See the certificate in order to determine the Date of Issuance).


For example, if the Date of Issuance is March 23rd, 2004, then you must complete and return this form to USBS prior to March 23rd, 2005. If the Certificate is valid for a period of 5 years, then 5 check-up forms must be returned.


We make every effort to provide a process that is as hassle-free as possible without added expense. If you need help in completing the form, we're always available by phone to provide assistance.


Certification Renewals
An Owner that has successfully returned all ADA Certification Health Check-Up forms will be eligible to have it's certificates renewed for a period of time as determined by USBS.

To learn more about getting re-certified, visit the Certification Renewals page or contact your nearest USBS office.

Authorization of Agent

Owners that wish to designate an Authorized Agent to do business with USBS on their behalf will need to complete and submit an Authorization of Agent form.